Friday, November 22, 2013

Sad news

I can get her to smile and enjoy life again, but I can't remake Luna's body from scratch...she has multiple growths in her belly cavity, and a large growth in her the vet says, if they are benign, then no need to operate, and if not, then it's really too late, there are so many, it would spread anyway...Equally, spaying her would be such invasive surgery in her condition, it's best to just let things play themselves Koyama sensei gave Luna her the rabies shots, so we can enjoy dog runs and celebrate her presence for as long as she will be with us. And I popped off to the ward office to register her as a canine resident of Yokohama :) Little cherry blossom princess, Falcor look-alike, Kaguyahime, we are loving you :)

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