Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Luna B-wood Dogrun Debut

 There was a labrador reunion in the big dogrun, and Claire and Luna were scared of their excited energy. Particularly Claire tries to hide or climb on my lap, Luna was okay with it, but I was a little nervous about her getting pregnant, not sure what the signs of her being in heat will be, but the labs were all jumping up humping each other and I wasn't happy for them to approach Luna....SO
 we went next door into the small dog dogrun, which was empty, and had it all to ourselves :) See Claire's happy smile :) Nothing like a bit of peace in the dogrun, she says.
 Luna enjoyed wandering round checking out the smells, she had a good run in the big dogrun too, and definitely likes other dogs, but was visibly more relaxed in the smaller private space.
 And so she and Nobu wandered around (even Nobu, who had a wee run around with some of the labs, was a little overpowered by their numbers), and Luna even tried to play a bit with Nobu, although she's not nearly fast or powerful enough.
 Here is Luna saying thank you from under the table...she's still a little scared of the camera, so I have to clasp it to my belly and shoot from my breastbone to capture that look of love.

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