Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sigh of Relief

I love my vet, Koyama sensei. He took multiple x-rays, echo shots and so on, called my up and said, this baby has been fed scraps, she doesn't need an IV drip, she just wants plain old bread! I'll give you some really nice stewy dog food, mix in bread or rice, and she'll be good to go. He also gave me medicine for my three to get rid of the coccidia protozoa, and in a trice Luna is looking much more healthy. Nobu's vomiting seems to have subsided, he ate some of Luna's  Hill's senior dog chicken stew last night, so that's not causing his allergies, and this morning I put him back on the worm meds with no itchy rash and vomiting yet, so maybe it was licking at Claire's Frontline flea and mite drops on her back, or maybe it was just the stress of the whole situation...
At any rate, after brekkies, walkies, meds and a coat brushing, snoozing happily as we wait to go out for a Thursday adventure :)

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