Saturday, November 2, 2013

Motomachi Halloween

Pictures are courtesy of Boutique for Dogs

It was incredibly crowded with hundreds of little kids, but Nobu and Claire were very patient, not panicking at all in the huge crowd, and sometimes stopping to be petted and cooed at. Very stressful, so popping into the boutique was like entering an oasis in a storm. They have the most gorgeous outfits, I'd love to get Claire a Chanel suit type dog coat...Meanwhile Claire's Halloween outfit, princess, with a pink rose and gold top don't show in the picture, but she was perfect! Nobu had 全国制覇 on the back of his shirt, the perfect high school delinquent. Ended up at Slow Cafe for a salad, and met up with the other small dogs in the boutique for dogs blog entry, Snow White and Jack Sparrow, and some other cuties, a wonderful group of Halloween dogs with their owners. Came home exhausted but tired...getting too old for the whole shebang....

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