Friday, November 8, 2013

Lunar Day

When I got home after a great evening meal of pizza, Luna had vomited all her food...I guess I got overzealous with the snacks when she arrived. The amazing thing was this kid actually moved away the blanket when she spewed, so it didn't get dirty. This made the clean up really quick: what a clever and thoughtful dog :) I remember the last time I vomited, no way I had a mind for anything...

We took a wee threesome walk to the park to pee, and then all went to bed, me in the middle, Claire and Nobu on my left and right, and Luna at my feet. She woke up in the middle of the night scratching the carpet furiously, so i put her out to pee, and then we settled in again for more sleep. At six the scratching began again, so i massaged her and she snuggled up under the downie, cozy and warm, and we slept until breakfast.

Luna does seem to like Ziwipeak venison. She's been eating at 900am and 1800, so maybe our breakfast this morning was a little early, which is why she didn't eat...but she's just had a handful or so of Ziwipeak, which is very full of sustenance. A threesome walk to the local park had her pulling on her short leash on the way, and trotting gently on the way home, able to stop and chat and say hello to other dogs no problem. Claire even had a wee sniff at her along the way, and was being very restrained on the walk, quite aware of the situation and thinking about not making hassle for me. It's all going to be work out just fine!


  1. It seems Lunar has some stress by the big change of the new environment around her. It does not mean the new environment is bad, but it is greater than she ever had, then she might have been bewildered. I think Clair and Nobu will tell her this new environment is the one they should originally have with their families.
    I am glad that it seems Clair and Nobu are not rejecting Lunar, and they are kind enough to accept her being living together. I bet Clair and Nobu do understand how deep your love not only to them, but also other dogs. And they are very happy to accept Lunar as temporal family.

  2. She loved the walk in the woody park, it was so funny to see three setters in a row with pigeons, but of course I was so busy coping I couldn't take pictures. Claire and Nobu are being very respectful and let her take the lead, for the first time she really came alive and her eyes had focus and glow. Now I need a bath to relax, and then a good supper for all of us...