Sunday, November 20, 2011

After the rain

Claire went wild in the woods this morning after the stress of short walks on a short leash in lashing rain and wind yesterday. She was quite scared of all the howling, banging and whistling noises around us as we climbed the hill in the dark at around six yesterday evening, taking advantage of a lull in the rain: the rain may have eased off, but the wind was stronger than ever. I felt very protective of her, and remembered what a friend had said about Claire only being a teeny kindergarten kid in terms of life experience: five years. In spite of having been let out into the garden at regular intervals during the day, she had turned tail and come straight back in out of the rain, so the evening walk was a necessity.

This morning the woody paths were still wet, and after her run she went straight in the shower for a total wash, including her face! See how white and fluffy she gets with the Luminosa shampoo. Now the two are settled on the sofa for a lazy Sunday morning...

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