Friday, November 25, 2011

Soothing Hues

 There's something mellow about autumn, and everything looks softer. Claire has a feminine aura about her, and after taking photos it's hard to choose which ones are best. This time I've focused on close-ups, although it's hard to get the motion close ups I'd really like to snap, as with one of those slow motion cameras. When she runs the smooth coordination of her muscles and body alignment are a joy to behold, almost as though she's dancing with the autumn elements.

These snaps are taken in the Shinrin park, where I escaped from the drudgery of housewifery and family ties for a magic moment with Claire. She really wants to go careering down the mountain to the duck pond at the bottom, and since the lead has pulled her up short she's sniffing the air to check out the environment.

 I couldn't resist the sunbeams as she stood and gazed over the duckpond...the picture is taken into the sun, the overexposure giving it a faerie rainbow feel, almost as though she was standing by a Scottish loch with the bracken and rocks.

It's such a glorious day, the blue sky and trees are mirrored in the lake and Claire's coat is dappled with the shadows of the leaves in the warm sunshine. Meanwhile she's focused on a flock of ducks, almost twenty or so paddling around dabbling in the afternoon.

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