Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Sunday

Granma's hip replacement wounds are officially healed, but she had asked for various toiletries and some pain-killing gel to soothe acheing joints, so we dropped by for a visit. There's an area in the garden where you can sit enjoying the sun, and the three of us sat chatting while Claire looked longingly at the flower beds.
She's not interested in playing fetch with balls, so there's one less way of interacting with her for Granma to enjoy, but food is always a good communication tool. Unfortunately Claire was a little off color with the heartworm chew from the morning, and as we waited for Granma to come out of the facility (dogs are not allowed inside), she had copiously pooped with a rather soft at first she rejected Granma's food advances. However after Tosh took her for an exploratory walk to the top of the hill up some makeshift stairs in the hillside, she perked up and accepted some treats.
After a while Tosh took her up the hill again, not that there's anywhere to go, just a fence with a hole in it saying danger do not enter...but Claire was sniffing around the bamboo and crawled under the fence. As Tosh tried to pull her back, she turned, and the whole doggie harness slipped off, lead and all, and in a flash Claire was off exploring. Oblivious to all this I was chatting with Granma, until Tosh came back down the hill. "Where's Claire?" Granma and I echoed in one breath. "She's gone" he mumbled, forlornly, "she slipped the leash"...What, what, what? How on earth? So the two of us trudged back up the hill and started calling her frantically at the fence, listening for familiar rustles in the underbrush: no sound. Oh dear.
After what seemed like an eternity she reappeared with a grin, and Tosh held her while I slipped the harness on her again and tightened the buckles somewhat so that it wouldn't happen again...what an adventure, she grinned, I had the best time ever, nothing like a bit of freedom...Thank the lord she's got the sense to keep it short and come straight back to us, not going wild over some cat or bird and disappearing into the sunset...What with the relief, I didn't have the heart to be angry. What an impish lady she is, our Claire.

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