Friday, November 18, 2011

Leopard Plant:Tsuwabuki

Leopard plant is a traditional Japanese garden flower blooming well in shade around October November, and it's the one spot of bright color in my garden right now. I can see it from my kitchen window as I work researching and studying, and the bright yellow is sun when the sun itself is in hiding on a dull drizzly day like this one. I'm surprised at the English name Leopard Plant for Tsuwabuki, since the leaves on my own plant are not spotted at all. The name Tsuwabuki is used a lot as a surname in Japanese anime and manga.

Claire is really good at sit, wait and down, wait after our lesson yesterday, when for the first time she was responding to my commands from a distance of about 3 meters. Dodo sensei praised her highly, saying that was a big step forward in obedience. It makes taking pics of her in the garden like this easy, although she's a little reluctant to face the camera.

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