Saturday, November 5, 2011

Izu Mountain Dog Run

Inbetween caring for Granma in hospital we took some time to go for a wee trip with Claire to Izu. We discovered a fantastic dog run, the Izu Mountain Dog Run. The whole mountainside has been landscaped with small paths and warrened with cul-de-sacs for the dogs to go wild. The owner has a dog training licence, but mainly loves gardening and landscaping, and the whole dog run is his pet project, built with loving attention to detail. It was rather expensive at 2300yen, but you can stay for three hours, so it's worth taking a picnic lunch and enjoying the full time slot. It's carefully fenced round so no fear of the dogs getting loose unless they actually jump the fence, which thankfully Claire shows no sign of doing so far.

It really was a lot of fun to go climbing up and up as Claire pottered hither and thither, always ending up back near me before dashing off again in a new direction: upwards and onwards! As we got to the top we met up with a family group of three tiny poodles, a grandmother and her daughter and granddaughter, and we made friends. Claire was really thirsty by then, and in return the wee darlings chomped on Claire's liver treats with much gusto.

 Claire on top of the world looking down on creation and the car park....there should be a fantastic view of the sea and the islands, only it was rather hazy...who cares about the view, says Claire, I'm off to explore some more....

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