Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sleepy dog series

Claire gets sleepy around six, and grudgingly wakes up for an evening round the block nightcap of a walk if need be...but she's bright and chirpy at five thirty. I came home late from Tokyo yesterday evening, lucky to be picked up at the station, but she was too sleepy to do the welcome dance, and headed drowsily back to bed. The snaps are courtesy of Tosh who knows i love to see her on my commute home - he sends them to my cell.
Unfortunately this morning I slept in, woken by the morning sunlight at 6:30 no less, and felt like staying in the snugly warmth, but Claire was padding up the stairs to wake me with a snort and a nose poke, so I  let her out into the garden as an interim solution. When i finally got dressed and went out, she went wild, jumping and dancing and dashing and prancing, teasing me to chase her and bounce around and say hello! We burned off some of the heat and then popped out for a demure quick walk to the nearest park...doggie training today at ten, and here I am in couch potato mode...Claire is sprawled on the sofa after a good Fish4dog breakfast.

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