Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taga Buckwheat Noodles

On the way home from the Izu Mountain Dog Run we took a break for lunch at Taga buckwheat noodle restaurant. No dogs allowed, so Claire had to wait in the car, but they kindly let us take pics in the garden with her. I walked once round the block to let her relieve herself, and then she settled in the car while we enjoyed the handmade noodles and delicious tempura.

The portions were quite small, but I had munched a rice ball while driving, so Tosh helped me out. They had cut the prawn in half which made it great for sharing and easy to eat. Truly the soba were delicious, although personally i found the soup a little too strong, preferring to eat the noodles without extra flavor, they were so good. We were on the tatami mats, in an ancient hall with a view of the samurai armour and the beautiful garden. The service was friendly: they offered to let me tie up Claire in the back garden, but i felt she'd be happier in the car than tied up in a strange location and left for the length of a meal.
They had bonsai for sale outside the door, and there were locally grown satsumas on sale - mandarin oranges are just coming in season now. I'm glad we stopped off, the winding roads in Izu make for concentrated driving, and you don't notice how tired you get until you take a break.

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