Saturday, November 26, 2011

Duck Hunting

Claire has become a seasoned traveller...we jumped in the car to drive over for a quick run in Kuraki park, and Claire knows it's all about her and good things are coming. The sunshine had dulled, so we didn't stay in the park too long, but long enough for Claire to ignore the cat sitting by the pond in favor of the far more exciting ducks. The cat herself didn't know she had been rejected in favor of winged fare, and was on red alert as Claire walked by.

Unthinkable two months ago that Claire should just walk on by (although by now she's been hissed at enough times to get the message that cats don't want to play, and seems to let sleeping dogs, er, cats, lie). I was beginning to think I could add Kuraki park to our daily walk routine, or maybe at least a couple of times a week...until she finally found the brace of ducks, who swam away to the safety of an island in the pond:

Claire rushed hither and thither along the shore, and finally perched on the stone flag nearest to the island: she set up a rousing halloo which echoed round the park, and barked her heart out, yipping and whining and straining at the leash, tripping over her own paws to send out ripples across the water, perched longinly on the very edge of the stone. When the ducks finally flew up in the air with the palaver, she lunged forward and sideways, falling over her own feet and sploshing around in her urgency, quite the goofy wild duck hunter. Couldn't get pictures though...too busy trying to hold her back and calm her down...

Needless to say she is now showered off from all the pond mud and sleeping peacefully on the sofa...chameleon lady...

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