Sunday, November 13, 2011

Officially Ours

Claire is now officially ours: Tosh has transferred the fee for her operation and vaccination, and three months have passed since she came to out home. I was under the impression we had to meet with the CACI volunteer leader, Rie Kaneko, one more time to let her see just how well Claire has adjusted, how happy she is and how silky her coat feels with all the good food and loving. However I called yesterday, and it seems that everything is ok as is, we have let them know the registration numbers for city hall and the microchip, and all we had to do was transfer the funds. We're going to buy the gundog calendar as well, and offer a small donation towards rescuing other dogs. They're doing such a great job saving these sweet-tempered setters and pointers.
Claire snoozing on the armchair after her morning walk (I had to shower off her paws, they were quite muddy) as we sit at the kitchen table having breakfast (me blogging!)
...and falling off the sofa as she snoozes in the evening  before bedtime...

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