Sunday, July 9, 2017

English Setter Lady Claire

Tune into your spiritual ambitions. Consider the end-game. Remind yourself of the legacy that you want to leave so that you don’t waste your energy trying to get 15 minutes of fame. 
 Fame falls flat unless it naturally arises out of a groundswell of inner-knowing. Accomplishments that validate our lived experience are always the most satiating. Words of wisdom from Chani Nicholas Full moon in Capricorn

 Gundog Rescue CACI is having a three week Facebook charity auction with original UK setter goods to raise funds for renewing the lease on the shelter property...Join the group, you bid by commenting how much you are willing to pay below the photo of the item you like...The first lot of bids ends today, setter and pointer mugs, stickers and magnets! Join in the fun!
CACI Facebook Charity auction mug 

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