Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hoarding foster: Help!

Sherlock may soon have to act like a big brother: there's been a horrific rebound hoarding case in Tokyo with 70 dogs living in the most vile and unsanitary conditions in a private breeder's house. Gundog Rescue CACI is collaborating with another rescue to pull the mainly beagle mixes, and they have to be rescued speedily as none of them are spayed or neutered...I've offered to foster a wee girl just to help out with the numbers and move her out of the situation, so keep your eyes peeled for more info here, and if you're a Yokohama\Tokyo local and want a wee beagle cutie, this is your chance! Once she's been rescued she'll be spayed, de-wormed and get her first set of jags, so it'll be a week or so before she and info soon!
Dogs from severe hoarding have to be rehabilitated before they can be re-homed with a family. According to a 2016The BARk article by Dr. Karen London :
Dogs from hoarding situations were more fearful and more sensitive to touch than the control dogs. They showed more behavior associated with attachment, attention-seeking and separation anxiety. They exhibited a greater frequency of urination and defecation when left alone, destructive chewing, submissive urination and repetitive behaviors.
Dogs rescued from hoarding situations were less trainable and less aggressive. They were less likely than the control dogs to be overly excitable or energetic. They had a lower probability of being persistent barkers, of chasing small animals, or of exhibiting rivalry for resources with other dogs. 
I'm hoping we'll be able to nurse the sweetie back to health and happiness, teach them about walkies and leash, heel, sit and come, general house behavior and peewees rules, and find a good understanding furever family...This time a foster failure is not on the cards, I'm a setter Mama pure and simple, but I'm willing to lend a hand in times of need. 

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