Thursday, July 27, 2017

English Setter Paddling

On the way to Kuraki Park we pop by the Noh theatre to cool down a bit before the last leg of tarmac...My setter babies have been waiting patiently all morning for me to take them walkies. 
Thanks to a huge volunteer effort yesterday the hoarding situation in Edogawa ward has been addressed. Pictures show the story: vets neutering in a makeshift operating theatre while volunteers clean ears and trim paws of dogs while they are still under anaesthetic. The cleaning crew was digging into a 30cm layer of solid turd, laying fresh board over the floor once it was clean. Turns out there were 85 dogs in all...
Just think, 85 way is the owner able to see the beauty of each of his dogs, to savor those glances, understand those intimate moments of communication, the kaleidoscope of personality playing out before the discerning eye.

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