Monday, July 10, 2017

The Power of Treats

 Fortunately Yokohama has a sea breeze to offset the muggy heat clamping down on everything. Monday mornings is a busy time: collect the poopies and take out the trash, including garden clippings. After a late (and therefore rather hot) walkies, I popped out into the garden with some treats to take pictures. The weeds grow apace and mosquitoes love the shady damp, so we didn't last long! Nobunaga is not really into it, hot after the walk, but Claire particularly is used to things and will do a beautiful sit stay. 
 Sherlock only has a vague concept of sit stay, so I'm slowly backing away leaning slightly forward to indicate I want them to stay put, my finger out holding a small piece of dried cod for reward. With the other hand I'm juggling the camera with the long lens and somehow managing to snap that wonderful smile...a split second later, and Sherlock is jumping forward after me to get the fish...good boy!Good girl!

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