Monday, July 24, 2017

Positive Rehabilitation for Dogs from Hoarding: Japan Perspectives

Gundog Rescue CACI have a lot of experience with rescuing dogs from hoarding situations here in Japan...over the past years: From July 2012 they have helped save a group of 30 odd huskies hoarded by a retiring breeder, followed by a group of 8 setters from a hoard in Fukushima, and most recently in July 2016 a hoarded group of 15 large pointers, some of which are still being retrained by CACI and looking for a furever home even as I type. And now this year the collaboration on the 70+ beagle mixes...

It's not just heroic CEO Rie Kaneko negotiating sensitively with a very particular type of owner to have the dogs handed over and neutered; the all volunteer clean-up crews are intense, shoveling through multi-layered dirt-dried feces, scrubbing floors and encrusted cages so that neutered dogs return to a somewhat more sanitary environment before they can be ultimately rescued: it's happening Wednesday 26th 10am in Edogawa Ward if you want to volunteer: fill out the Alma Tokyo Tierheim form or contact CACI. Wear a mask, bring rubber gloves and be prepared to throw away your clothes and shoes afterwards.

The third stage of solving a hoarding situation is the mental care and re-homing of the dogs. The long-term commitment and financial burden can bankrupt an NGO...please donate to CACI : Mitsui Sumitomo Bank. 
口座名:三番瀬の犬達基金 (Account Name: Sanbanse No Inutachi Kikin)
 支店名:亀戸支店(店番:254) (Branch No.254)
 普通預金口座番号:2050095 (Account No. 2050095) 
They were already short of funds to renew the lease on the shelter property before this 70+ beagle mix hoarding situation cropped up. 

Since Lady Claire was rehabilitated at the CACI shelter before adoption, both my setter babies have come straight from the pound, so fostering a hoarding dog is going to be a first for me. They need sensitive loving support to help with the PTSD: a positive, gentle and patient retraining experience is a must. I've found some very helpful US sites, in particular a step-by-step hoarding-specific resource at Best Friends and a longer behavioral insights article at BARk magazine. Having got this far, it's time for lunch...more soon!

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