Sunday, July 16, 2017

Morning setter, evening setter

 "Getting stuck in a particular way of understanding the world - whatever it is - is the cause of three major human diseases...The first one is seriousness....If you decide that you want do something, fine, but getting serious about it will only blind you and get in your way.
Being right, or certain, is the second disease. Certainty is where people stop thinking and stop noticing. Any time you feel absolutely certain of something, that's a sure sign that you have missed something....The third disease is importance, and self-importance is the worst of all...Importance is a great way to justify being mean and destructive, or doing anything else that's unpleasant enough to need justification...
 "Years ago some people figured out that you could suck creepy gooey black liquid out of the ground and burn it in lamps. Then they figured out how to burn it in a big steel box and roll it all over the place. You can even burn it in the end of a tube and send the tube to the moon. But that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to do those things..."
Source: Richard Bandler (1985) Using your Brain for a Change Real People Press

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