Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Serious Setters: Rescue Funding

Hey there, CACI Gundog Rescue needs some serious funding to renew the shelter premises in autumn. If you can donate directly, please do! 
  • 三井住友銀行>
  •  口座名:三番瀬の犬達基金
  •  支店名:亀戸支店(店番:254)
  •  普通預金口座番号:2050095

They're also having a charity auction  for the next two weeks in Facebook, so join the group and start bidding if shopping for UK pointer and setter doggie goods is your preference.
So what do CACI do? They rescue abandoned pointers and setters from death in the pound in the Kanto area, (Chiba being ranked highest for abandoned gundogs in Japan), have them vetted and retrain them for life as pets, matching them up to families very carefully to make sure they have a happy and fulfilled life. 
At the CACI shelter in Chiba, the dogs are walked morning and evening, their cages kept clean and blankets washed (once they are safe not to eat their blankets), their kibble and meds personalized. All done by volunteers! Once the interview procedure and papers are all finalized, they even deliver these beautiful setters, pointers or brittany spaniels to your door!
CACI`s mission is to push for legislation introducing mandatory micro-chipping of hunting dogs, so that the owners cannot just walk away from a dog, abandoning them in the mountains, as happens so often now here in Japan with setters and pointers when the hunting season ends.
So please donate generously! They really need your help with the lease-renewal and rent to continue saving gundog lives through 2018! Thank you from Lady Claire, Samurai Nobunaga and Sherlock Holmes, and all the other beautiful bird dogs CACI can save with your help.

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