Wednesday, August 23, 2017

English Setter Scarf Rustic

 Rustic is a chunky doggie scarf, knitted on size 9 Clover bamboo needles with all kinds of luxurious Noro Crayon and Silk Garden yarns- I don't recommend a doggie mama wearing this one unless it's to top up a coat though, it's kind of scratchy. And of course a bit of my friend Rowena's hand spun yarn which really pops in the berries and cream colors. 
 The interesting diagonal garter stitch texture comes from my first attempt at short row techniques, thanks to a free knitting pattern, Yet another short row scarf by Sybil R. I'd used the technique for sloping the shoulders of sweaters, but it is my first foray into the world of short row colorwork. Very pleased with it, thanks Sybil! 
Of course since it's a doggie scarf I reduced 3 stitches either side to narrow the scarf for the knot, increasing again for the collar. It's kind of stretchy, so should fit 36~42 like all my other scarves. Basketweave Roses, Forget-me-nots and Solar Eclipse were in the post first thing Monday morning, but hadn't arrived yesterday evening, so I'm hoping they'll arrive safely at the Gundog Rescue CACI auction organizer and dog trainer's house today. CACI rescue English setters and pointers abandoned in the mountains from death in the pound and rehabilitate them for home life as pets, and these scarves will be auctioned for funds to support the rescue. 

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