Monday, August 14, 2017

Setter Scarf English Rose

Hunting in my yarn stash I found some abandoned crochet motifs and decided to make them into the body of a third handmade one-of-a-kind doggie scarf donated for the Gundog Rescue CACI charity auction. While the base of the scarf is Rowan Lightweight DK in double moss stitch, the soft feel in the bow comes from an incredible treasure, hand-spun yarn gifted me by a friend, Rowena. 
Rowena and I met many years ago in a craft chatgroup before the age of Facebook, and in spite of fewer photos to share and no other visual modes of expression other than font, we became friends and exchanged small parcels of handicraft goodies. This although we have never met face-to-face: bridging the Pacific Ocean, we remain friends over time and space...and so her gift of yarn is finally bearing fruit in a charity project, so fitting of her sweet and giving not to mention dog-loving personality, to grace my third English setter scarf, English Rose. Don't worry, I have still saved a small amount to treasure- thank you so much, Rowena!  
 This has got to be a scarf for a lady, I can't see a boy doggie wearing it...Lady Claire is modelling it to perfection. It will fit a neck size 36~43cm, and I could even imagine a doggie Mummy wearing it as a small human scarf pinned with an ornate brooch rather than tied round a doggie neck with a reef knot which is your basic Japanese knot. Whatever, says Claire, we're waiting for breakfast here...

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