Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Friends: English Setter and Golden Retriever

Meeting Dash on our evening walkies on our way through the local park...there was a time when he and Nobu would go round and round the garden chasing each other, but lately they're both all grown up and prefer to just vibe. 
Historically the English Setter and Golden Retriever would work together to hunt game: the setter finding the game, and the retriever fetching the prey once it's down...No wonder my three setters show absolutely no interest in retrieving, but are very friendly and collaborative with Dash. 
Sherlock loves these relaxed local walkies so much, this morning from about five am he was grumbling and muttering about nobody showing any signs of getting up...What was going to be a short and late after eight walkies due to heat got pleasantly extended: as the shade over the asphalt is longer, and with a bit of an early autumn breeze, it was still not too hot to go further afield. No pics though, just me enjoying quiet time with the dogs with the odd local cat spicing things up.

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