Friday, August 11, 2017

Ribbon-type English Setter Scarf

Thinking about how I can help raise funds for Gundog Rescue CACI, the volunteer NGO rescuing English setters and pointers here in Japan...and wondering if anyone would be interested in buying a doggie scarf and how much they would be willing to pay. I knitted one up to see how long it would take...about 4~5 hours of knitting and a bit of crochet, then darning in the ends while listening to sci-fi short stories on Mindwebs...Ursula Le Guin rocks, as usual.
 Blocking on the tatamis, the Rowan 100% wool yarn in double moss stitch holds its shape well and is reversible, and I've decreased for the knot, so you can tie the scarf up neatly like a judo obi or kimono tie. Now I need to discuss it with the auction committee to see if there's any interest, and just how much people would be willing to pay/donate. Claire is so great at modelling, lifting up her head to show how it sits round her throat, 36~38cms.
I'm not sure I'd be able to make that many...but it was fun changing the colors and adding a wee bit of Italian yarn in there for variation...would that make it more suited for a raffle item? If it doesn't find favor, at least Claire has another cute accessory to look forward to wearing this winter.
A wee peek at Sherlock, who is about Claire's size in looks good on cream fur too, methinks!

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