Thursday, August 17, 2017

Setter Scarf Basketweave with Roses

One good thing about the rain is I have oodles of time to knit as the washing piles up and the dogs snooze. Today finally cloudy but no rain, so after a decent long walkies and three loads of washing, I shampooed Claire in the knowledge that today at least the towels will dry. She's happily snoozing all pristine clean for the photo of my latest doggie scarf creation, Basketweave with Roses.
 It goes without saying the knitting stitch is basket weave, alternating four plain and four purl stitches over five rows on my Clover size 7 bamboo needles to get the weave pattern. It's the real deal UK Rowan lightweight dk yarn, both for the scarf and the bullion rose stitch embroidery. Since the scarf will be auctioned for funds to support a volunteer organization, Gundog Rescue CACI, which save and rehabilitate  abandoned English pointers and setters from death in the pound, the English yarn has special significance. Basketweave with Roses fits 36-42cm necks, roughly the neck size of my three setters.
 My sweet Chiaro di Luna popped up on my Facebook feed, reminding me it's the Japanese Bon season where the souls of the dead come home. She's inspiring me to make another and probably final scarf, Basketweave with Forgetmenot. I'll keep you posted. To work!

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