Friday, August 18, 2017

Setter Scarf Basketweave with Forget-me-nots

Basketweave with Forget-me-knots took a while to make as I was busy finding the yarn for the embroidery, and clearing the backlog of laundry after the incessant days of rain. It's totally inspired by Chiaro di Luna, so made to go well with creamy fur: when I made the embroidered roses scarf, it jumped into my mind and would not let go, so it was a kind of high to go with the flow and make it happen.
While I was knitting I was glancing over Facebook, and a Japanese doggie acquaintance was talking about Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak. I didn't want to go clogging my bookshelf with another tome, so I got on the net and found a digest explaining various animal meanings, in particular, dogs: 
It takes a lot to break a dog’s spirit. Its ability to love, even when abused, is tremendous. Its spirit and willingness to love and to be a companion is great. Study your dog. ...If dog has come into your life as a totem, ask yourself some questions. What is this saying about your need for or lack of companionship? ...Do you need to be more protective of your territory? Do you need to play a little more? Are you being faithful to yourself? Does you spirit need bolstering? How about those around you? Examine your territories. Dog knows its home ground, and if it has shown up, its energies and lessons will touch you personally.
All very deep and interesting, and as I read and pondered and knitted, I felt something in my hair, and reached up to brush off what turned out to be a white flower spider. I'd never seen a white spider before, so after realizing what it was, I eased it onto a handy piece of paper and blew it away outside. At which point I realized this was a very encouraging and lucky omen, Chiaro di Luna was a cream setter too, and so the knitting of Forget-me-not is doubly blessed. May it bring great happiness to its future owner, and lots of funds for Gundog Rescue CACI.

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