Monday, August 14, 2017

Setter Scarf English Woodland

When you fall in love with new yarn and bring it home, you knit or crochet individual little swatches to see which type of knitted fabric or crochet pattern will bring out the colors and texture of the yarn. Fortunately a couple of these abandoned crochet squares turned up, enabling me to whip up the complementary scarf to yesterday's pink English Rose. 

The colors reminds me of an English Woodland, with ethereal harebells and fuzzy light: with soft blue alpaca/mohair leftovers from a sweater, some fluffy blue-green Puppy Chieti wool/mohair, a little Rowan rowanspun and lightweight dk, and some Japanese boutique Sheep Meadow natural dye yarn, it's a glorious mix of Japan and the UK. There are so many words for woodland habitats associated with hunting and gundogs: a copse is a small woodland, then there's grouse coverts and even spinneys, the small woods associated with hunting for partridges, pheasants, woodcock or other game. But for the sake of simplicity, the scarf is simply named English Woodland.
Nobunaga is in a good mood because we had fresh fried chicken gizzard topping on the kibble for supper, a special treat. After supper I'd been trying to coax Sherlock to relax and model the scarf with some more training treats and it wasn't going very well: when he doesn't understand what he's supposed to do Sherlock gets all tense and worried which defeats the purpose. At any rate Nobu came to the rescue, muscling in on the action for some extra goodies: watch me Mum, I can do handsome when I am in the mood. Depending on whether you tie the square knot with deep blue over the top or pale green, the scarf has a slightly different effect: it looks so cute on Sherlock!

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