Saturday, August 19, 2017

English Setter Thunderstorm

 With an almighty thunvderstorm coming through it's been a wild ride on the's an incredible photo from my photographer friend Vincent van den Storme to give you an idea of the unleashed fury!
Fortunately my setters are not the least bit thunder sensitive, although Claire came by to let me know she wanted a chewy. Nothing like a good chew to keep calm and forget the weather is wild out there.
 In spite of knitting for charity, my babies still have their own fantastic doggie scarves knitted up over the years...I washed and aired them today, and rather than starting on a new knitting project (although I have a couple in my mind, some new short row techniques to be attempted and plain purl combination patterns to be explored) I took these pics. 
 Sherlock is sporting Chiaro di Luna's wee scarf, and Nobu even has two scarves to choose from, a red Puppy yarn tweedy one and an orange Italian fluffy one.

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