Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come over to my place

Nobu and Claire laze around after breakfast while I do the washing, take out the rubbish, clear up the breakfast table, hoover and other mundane tasks. They're usually on the sofa, but the corner is taken with a pile of cushions, so Claire is on the armchair, and Nobu is snoozing curled up in the cage...only it's not his cage, it's Claire's. I wonder if it's the feel of the cotton blanket, or the pattern, or if it's her smell, or if it's cooler against the wall rather than the window, whatever, Nobu seems to have taken a fancy to Claire's place. After breakfast they each go into each other's cages to sniff the food bowls and make sure they got the same food and to check if there's any forgotten tidbits left over to devour. Claire is smaller so she has less food and finishes eating earlier, so if we don't close the cage doors she wanders over to Nobu's cage and starts to eat his food, which he, being the junior, kindly offers up to her without a whimper. No wonder she's getting fat! So while they eat, until both dogs are finished, we close the doors. But after breakfast, they are free to go where they please...I wish I could laze around waiting for the next walk...busy mum; time and tide wait for no man...but they do for dogs, it seems.

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