Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We had just set out for our morning walk and said hello to my friend and her papillon when the rain set in...one of the regulars did an about turn and went back for his umbrella, but I had on my gill foulies so I thought in for a penny, in for a pound. The downpour got steadily worse in intensity, and just after we got up to the baseball ground the thunder and lightning began. Fortunately the dogs stayed close by me and didn't panic, and we walked up into the wooded area so the dogs could see nobody was about. One of the other regulars was hiding out in the toilet as we walked by...I had visions of the three of us conducting the lightning down through the leads, and me and the dogs fried together in a big Y shape :P

Having safely reached the front door, the next step was to rush to the shower, and although Nobu generally protests gently, this time both dogs seemed to realize it was not the time to slow things down, and we all dashed in, stripping down and dripping copiously everywhere. I love lathering up the two sweeties, smoothing over the butt muscles and massageing while rinseing them off, washing up inbetween the toes and playing with their tiny nobbly finger joints, creaming up the soft chest hairs into a sensual whipped mousse of soap and hair and rib cage. Claire goes first, and then Nobu, but once they're out they shake off more moisture in the hall, so I had to wipe down the floors in the hall on top of the doggie work. Black with the dirt they've carried in from the garden these past few rainy days, dirt that gets missed wiping paws...The vexing thing is now we're all done and safely fed, the rain has stopped. Ah well, the dogs are clean, the house is cleaner, and the day can begin :)

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