Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stitches Out

Nobu looking dreamy because...
Tosh is stroking his nose
 Nobu had his stitches out today, 10 days after the neutering operation. It was quick and easy, the roads weren't crowded in spite of the spring holidays, perhaps because of the gusty high-speed winds which made everyone drive slow and safely, and we were the third people in line to be seen at the vet. He was weighed and then popped on his side on the table while me and an assistant soothed him and held him down as sensei carefully clipped the stitches and drew them out, finally spreading a little antibiotic ointment on the area. Had a tiny walk to pee and let off tension, and then he was back in the car with Claire to drive home together.

I'd like to thank everyone who prayed for him and supported me with their advice and warm words. I think the healing process went so well because of love, and then the salmon oil - he gets a teaspoon with every meal, and it really makes him glow. There are a few changes in our relationship: it has got stronger, as Nobu appreciated my caring for him when he was woozy and feeling low (perhaps he knew I was the cause of it all, but he has a big heart). On our walks he does indeed pee less here and there, as everyone predicted in their messages. Both he and Claire do still mark at about three or four strategic points on every walk, however. Methinks I may be able to make do with a 300cc bottle of water to wash it away, instead of 500. The vet warned me he would probably gain weight drastically and to ration his food, but not to overdo it or he'd take to stealing scraps or eating things he found on walks. Claire, who had the operation before she came to us, has certainly put on a lot of weight in the colder months, perhaps a delayed hormonal reaction to the operation. I have cut her kibble down to 2 cups instead of 3. We'll see how things go with Nobu. At any rate I am totally relieved this big ordeal is behind us, and now we can get back to routine vet visits like rabies shots and vaccinations.

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