Thursday, March 29, 2012

March madness

There are squirrels in the park, along with numerous bush warblers betrayed by their fluting tones, pigeons, foraging birds of all descriptions, the dogs are going wild with the scents and stimulus. Headstrong Nobu darts off at tangents without warning and the sudden jerk on the lead wrenches my shoulder, which makes morning walks...any walks lately, rather trying. Claire on the pigeons has an intensity which Nobu barely manages to muster, although he dutifully sets and stalks in tandem with her. As Mike Gaddis describes in ZipZap: "..that superordinary, burning, white-hot desire, mirrored by individual degree in the fire of their eyes and the trembling intensity and expressiveness of their stand." And back home,  replete and satiated, Claire is regal in her self-possessed tranquility, a dog in a million.

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