Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Special

The rain simply isn't letting up, so I put on a shoulder bag over my foulies, suited up Claire and Nobu in their raincoats, and walked over to the dry cleaners to hand in a huge pile of shirts. The dry cleaners is doggie friendly and they're allowed in to sit and wait on the mat even in their wet coats. I wanted a change of scene on my way home, so we popped into our local Dog Cafe Anjing, which is only open on Saturdays, and I had a coffee after peeling off layers of wet gore-tex. The dogs enjoyed their doggie plate, and the cafe mama was busily trying to coax Claire and Nobu to line up for a picture of the two of them, using a sweet potato as bait. Nobu was not cooperating,'s easy to get one of them sitting politely, but by the time the other one settles and sits, the first dog has jumped up impatiently...thinking there's a treat on offer, Claire will jump up to touch your hand in a doggie hi-five...In spite of the two albeit short walks in the morning and to the cafe and dry cleaners, Claire peed on the carpet in the afternoon :( Fortunately it was  on the wee red mat, so I can just pop it in the washing machine. That makes twice now, she peed on the kitchen blanket yesterday, she really doesn't like to go out in the garden when it rains, has to be actively chased out inbetween walkies. I sympathize, all this damp cold goes for the bladder...

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