Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plum in the Park

 Nobu seems a little off color today, but that makes it easier to go for a walk in the park, as he doesn't pull on the leash madly and dash off in tangents, so we can focus on toddling around after Claire.
 Claire, meanwhile, cares little for the plum blossoms, it's all about the pigeons in the woods, so we sat down on the grass to have a rest and enjoy the view and the spring scents.
 Nothing like a wee walk after the vet, which was fearfully expensive since I got a year's worth of heartworm tablets in advance, two month's worth of frontline plus tick and flea prevention, and bloodtests taken for both dogs. What with that and the surgery next week we are looking at a giant hole in the family budget...yikes. But then again, the two dogs keep us fit and healthy with the walks, it's like living with a personal trainer :)

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