Monday, March 19, 2012

Tosh's View

This morning Tosh took the camera on our morning walk, and here's his record of our hour long walk with the dogs. I generally take Nobu, who likes to dart hither and thither and still finds it hard to restrain his boundless curiosity and roving energy, breaking into a run now and then as I let him direct the pace of our walk. Tosh takes placid Claire, happy to be by his side until pigeons get involved, when she will freeze, stalk and point - great for photographers :)
First up, Okamura Bairin, where we head for the first leg of our walk. It's finally in full bloom: down in the hollow it gets little sun, but this year it's particularly late. The scent is gorgeous, especially this morning after the rain has washed the air clean.

Meanwhile I'm running around cleaning up poops and refilling my water bottle to continue washing away Nobu's copious markings on telegraph poles and salient corners on the way home.
We go on up to Okamura park to greet friends, exchange tidbits and let the dogs enjoy a bit of social interaction. This morning we met Dodo sensei walking two of his charges. No radio calisthenics this morning, too lazy! In spite of the intermittent drizzle yesterday I walked 12000 steps on my pedometer with the dogs, and I can feel it in my joints.
Claire and Nobu can't wait to get up into Okamura Park because that's where the pigeons are...fat, beautiful specimens lazily feeding and scratching the dirt, perfect for stalking since they don't fly off, but simply hop a few feet further away before resuming their foraging.
Claire has been an excellent mentor and role-model over the last three months: Nobu, who had absolutely no interest in birds when he first came, has become a hunter. Here's Nobu on what I think may be his first point :)

The north wind was really cold, so after a while we circle down behind Tenjin shrine via the second plum park and go back home to breakfast: a good cup of hot tea and  cheese on toast, true British style.

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