Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Ides of March

I was just getting the paperwork together to take the two dogs to the Kawasaki municipal seafront dogrun at Ogishima - there's a fearful registration process with copies of both their registration and rabies dog tags, two passport style photos, an actual copy of the rabies shot papers, and a downloaded application form- and we were all set to take the dogs today to check it out, and then this: it's raining. What with all the checking of the rules and regulations I forgot to check the weather forecast.
....And now GOOGLE tells me I'm out of storage space for photos, so I can't upload any more without buying space....OMG, my beautiful dogblog...
At any rate, just before I give up today I'd like to share the link for Claire and Nobu's Pomfleece raincoat , which is soft and doesn't rustle when they walk, dries really quickly inbetween walks, is really easy to put on with snaps and elasticated drawstrings for easy adjustment, and even a button to fold up flaps for Nobu to pee. They're both wearing a size 10 because while Nobu is taller, Claire has a well-developed chest with quite some girth. I've always been annoyed the way Claire's front legs pop out and get tangled in previous raincoats when she's walking up stairs,  making her stumble and limp awkwardly. With this drawstring system to adjust length over the bum she's able to climb stairs ok (although today one back leg did pop out, so maybe I should have got her a size 9)...The dogs' pictures are also in the ToyDog store's bulletin board, where they were introduced as cocker spaniels :P I guess the setter gene pool does include spaniel heritage.

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