Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The kids volunteered to help me walk the dogs in the afternoon, so off we went the three of us in the sunshine. We got kitted out in good walking shoes and gloves for rope burn, and both dogs were on the long leash...

Naru volunteered to take Nobu, and I got this fantastic fairytale shot of the princess wandering through the wrought iron gates of the castle (actually the equine museum, hence the horses) with her furry friend, tail held high like some knight's feather crested helmet, off to find adventure...
Meanwhile Claire had dashed off with Rob in the direction of the pond and the pigeons, so we joined up in the hunt before I took over Nobu, who has a mind of his own and sometimes dashes off furiously, so you have to be constantly on the alert. He can easily drag you off your feet if you're not careful, it takes some getting used to.

After circling the park, we ended up crashed out in the plum park.

As we rested, a cute and friendly little dog came up to check things out and have a sniff. His owner said if she doesn't get complimented with warbles of "Cute" and "Sweetiepie" she doesn't like to go home.

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