Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trimming doggie paws

Claire and Nobu's paws were getting all furry and luscious, and they were slipping on our wooden floor, a bit like speedskaters sailing down the icerink to greet anyone coming in the door...and then sailing off the end onto the tiled area with the shoes to set up a welcome hullabaloo. It's not good for the back though, so I did a search on how to trim your dog's paws and found an excellent entry on Youtube, showing the tools you need and clear pictures with a golden retriever as a model. I set to while the dogs were napping, and perhaps even got too diligent:

I never got into cutting my sons' hair when they were wee, but this doggie paw trimming I could really get into, it was such fun. Meticulous and painstaking too, as they are ticklish. I was using a comb and my dressmaking scissors, and it took about three hours all in all: the dogs seem grateful as they have a better foothold now in the house and on walks. As for me, I think I'm getting a paw fetish...I can see myself trimming hairlines fanatically almost every other day :P

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