Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nobu's Double

On one of our walks we met a friendly lady with a St bernard, and she thought she recognized Nobu, only it wasn't Nobu, it was another family that have three English setters and a dachshund they rescued from the mountains where they go to hunt with their setters. She walked me over to their place, and I was so surprised: their little lady is the spitting image of Nobu, only she's shorter, being a girl. She has the same big feet with clearly defined spots on her paws, the whiteish muzzle and dark samurai darth vadar helmet, the curly hair (only they shave her shorter so the burrs don't get tangled as she runs in the mountains chasing deer and whatever) and the same quiet air, even though she was rather nervous about meeting Nobu. The owners said Nobu's marking were quite unusual, and that he was a very special dog - I think so too, such a great temperament although full of puppyish playfulness, and of course drop dead handsome. I didn't get to meet the other two setters in their family, they were boxed up in the car, but as I walked home I thought how lucky Claire and Nobu are to be on the sofa and running free in our small garden: they don't get to go hunting in the mountains, but they get a lot of fun walks and exercise, great food and treats, outings, play with friends, training sessions...they even get to sleep in the futons; and most important, they can feel safe, loved and appreciated in their forever home.

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