Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dogs at Play

Now that Nobunaga has got some strength back in his legs, and his poops were round and healthy, we went to B-wood dog run for lunch. They do a mean veggie spaghetti, and I was driving so Tosh had a beer with his shrimp and tomato pasta. We went the last time in summer with Claire, and she had enjoyed the pool, but I just knew it would be heaven for Nobu because he's so friendly and wants to play with other dogs.

 There was a cute English setter, Monet, with her golden retriever pal, Udon, and they began to chase and play with the small and large Nunosbee frisbees. I promptly forgot them in the restaurant after lunch, so we'll have to go back soon to claim them.

 Nobu's scarf put him at a disadvantage with the play-biting, it was so easy to grab hold and pull, so I ended up taking it off so he could let it all hang loose and go for it.
 I was so busy jumping around with the dogs and laughing at their antics I didn't take any snapshots, so all the camerawork is done by Tosh.

After lunch there was a cute doberman lady and a choco lab lady and the two of them were chasing Nobu, who ended up on his back begging for mercy, and a St. Bernard sidled up to check things were safe and step in if play got too rough. He simply couldn't get enough, but I want to pace him and make sure he doesn't overdo it, so we came home far too soon for his liking...
Meanwhile our Claire was taking it easy, wandering round sniffing at her own pace and not getting too involved with the other dogs, as is her wont.
 When Tosh went to sit down in the cafe area to wait for the food and relax, she got lonely and peered through the fence, trying to coax him to come back, but when he took her out with him Nobu got lonely, and apparently so did she, so she soon came back in, staying on the sidelines and watching the fun. .

Particularly since there are no pigeons about she is quite disinterested, but in her easy going way she is happy to wait and let the people round about her enjoy things.


  1. See Nobu's smiling face in the last photo!!
    I am so glad to see both of Clair and Nobu are really enjoying their second life with you and your family.

  2. Yeah, he has a gorgeous grin! Claire gets all happy in the park hunting things, and Nobu in the dogrun playing with doggie pals...