Friday, December 16, 2011

So early in the morning

After a run in the park with Nobu and Claire, we're back takes extra time to wash two dogs' paws down in the shower, with Claire going first and after I've dried her off, in comes Nobu. Just like Claire of old, he tries to escape up onto the bath covers, making sploggy pawmarks so I have to start with washing them down, and then get back to him. He was quite relieved it was just paws today, and seems to be getting used to the process. I massaged in some aloe gel into their pads and cut toenails afterwards (I'm getting quite expert, I figure if I do it every week and just slice off a thin section I'm not going to hurt them and they'll get to relax and get used to it). Nobu is so keen to cuddle up to Claire, and while she's sunning on the blanket he laid down beside her. She looked up at me sceptically to see how I would react, good girl, I said, you let him cuddle up to you, you might even enjoy it, so there they were for a couple of minutes until i decided to take a picture: Claire moved away to the sofa just after I snapped this.

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