Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two setters

Today is the last day the town hall is open, so we went to register Nobunaga (previously known as Mallow). The second dog citizen sticker looks great on our gate, sandwiching the sticker from cafe press, and each day he's getting more and more healthy and happy, it's a joy to watch. A gentle giant, he has great restraint, excellent judgement about how to make friends with people and other dogs, is warm, tender, very tactile and loving. Welcome home, samurai lord. 

Meanwhile the next door neighbours called us in to greet Nobu and say hello to their dachshund, who took a great liking to Nobu, and the two enjoyed treats and getting to know each other. Nobu rolled over on the lawn, making friends, while Claire had gone on home with Tosh to enjoy her usual couch potato poses after our short walk in Kuraki park on the way home from the town hall.

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