Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play School

Nobu seems totally fearful about playing with toys: he used to leave the room, particularly when I toss them into the air for Claire to catch. I'm slowly coaxing him to stick around, to grab and hold by wiggling the toy on the ground, and he can see when Claire goes wild, shaking toys and jumping around. He still thinks it's about two doggie play, and tries to take the toy from her, but she gets angry and lashes out, so he gives up on her, but still hasn't worked out how to make the toy fun by himself or involving a human. I have some rope, and he's beginning to bite ever so tentatively, so I'm hoping in time we can play tug of war with the rope, and there are sticks in the garden, so perhaps he will begin to play fetch with me: right now I just encourage him to hold the stick in his mouth, to begin to enjoy the feel of it. Perhaps Claire will also learn how to play with him, sharing the toy and teasing each other with a doggie tug of war...they have so much to learn from each other :)

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