Saturday, December 24, 2011

Off to the Ball

A friend from Dance Zone Murakami was performing an amazing rumba with Murakamisensei, and since I always see them practicing before my own lesson with Kentsensei , she kindly invited me to the Xmas ball. I was thrilled, because it's my only dance party this year (next year being my fiftieth I hope to perform at the Zone 5 year party with Kentsensei). Both Murakami sensei and Kent sensei have dogs: Murakami sensei has the sweetest cream miniature dachshund called Momo (Peach), and Kent sensei has a mix, Cindy, who is really friendly. I used to take Sofie to my Tuesday dance class before she passed away, and she would sit in front of the mirror waiting while we whirled around. Anyway, Tosh was home to look after the dogs, and took them out for a run, so they spent the evening snoozing together in the sitting room. I wanted to get a sort of Lady of the Manor picture, with my two dogs sitting adoringly at my feet sort of image, but Nobu and Claire thought otherwise, and I had to dash out, so no time to work toward a perfect picture. So here is the rough impression of Lady of the Manor with her Adoring and Adorable Hounds ;P

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