Friday, December 30, 2011


Walked down in the Kamioka direction to a little trimming salon called Peach, which used to be a dog cafe but has moved and no longer runs the cafe, only the grooming business. They had a 3L doggie coat which I wanted to get for Claire, on our morning walks it can get quite chilly and lately she's been waking up later and later to avoid the first chill of the morning. The two dogs work  quite well on the lead together, when we got to the busiest road I kept the leash very short and told them to heel, which they understood quite well, and otherwise when there's no traffic they either gel like in this photo, or are off at tangents, but mainly within the radius of the leash.

 When we get home, Claire always goes through the door first ( a hierarchy reinforcer), and the dogs sit and wait in the entrance while I wipe their feet, again, Claire first. She doesn't need to be restrained, knowing the routine, but Nobu still has to be tied to the door handle or he'd skip the whole wipe your feet process and jump up on inside. Plus he's supposed to wait his turn...he's been with us all of three weeks now, and it's pretty miraculous how he fits in. He's a sweetie.

I was rather upset yesterday, losing Nobu's scarf on our morning walk...I didn't notice until we got home, and then it was breakfast and taking out the trash and i was too tired to go back immediately, but when I walked through the park again in the evening there was no sign. A friend this morning said they saw it near the toilet in the park, but when I went by there again expressly this morning it was not there...Perhaps just as well I'm finishing up Claire's scarf, now I will switch back to making a new one for Nobu! Claire's scarf is three swatches from other projects crocheted together, with the ends knitted up and smocked. The first section is a Scottish thistle sweater i never made, the middle teddy is a Kasumi swatch, and the pink crochet is the arms of another sweather I've made, worn and handed down long ago. Here is our gorgeous girl proudly wearing the new scarf over her Five Drops name tag.

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