Monday, December 12, 2011

Regaining strength

Mallow is slowly regaining strenth, and next to him Claire seems like a sweet little babe, he's so big. He has really long toes and fingers, and when he puts on weight he'll be a really impressive dog. With his black face and curly ears, long fringes and deliberate presence, he's not so much herb mallow as Oda Nobunaga, with Claire his little white geisha girl. This morning the two romped a little in the garden, Claire tentative, with Mallow boisterous but not pushing it, expertly gentle. He seems interested in children when we go out walkies (only ten minutes round the block), so I'm thinking maybe he was in a family with small kids, and that's where he trained his gentle approach.
 Claire seems a little off color this morning, didn't want to go out in the cold for a morning walk, and now she's pottering around in the garden as I just took out the trash. I'm thinking to drop by the vet, Claire is due for a routine follow-up health check, and Mallow could do with a check over too, plus I was asked to have his stool double checked. I'll take his file and show the bloodwork, and the vet can check the healing process of Mallow's paws and ears. He still has two days worth of antibiotics, but I can't take him for the next two days, so if he needs to continue the course without a break I have to get the medicine today.

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