Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Poops on the Ground

Ever since I was a wee girl we've had a cat or a dog, or sometimes both, so cleaning up the kittie litter or the poops in the garden has never caused any emotional distress...In my Ecosongs for kids I included a poop song, Two poops on the ground to show small children how the earth cleanses and reuses in the cycle of life. With two big dogs now, searching for poops in the garden has become a daily treasure hunt: originally Mallow/Nobu was too weak to go for many walkies, so CACI suggested he wander free in the garden to pee at his own pace and regain strength. He also had very soft stool and had to go often. Fortunately now he has healthy little round nuggets like Claire. Thanks to his influence she has started to go in the garden too if there's no walkies on the horizon. This morning Tosh put out pails and garden pots to mark the spot and make sure the poops don't get trodden on...what a big bagful of poops I collected ;P. Having had a good long morning walk, a stint chasing pigeons for Claire and playing with friends for Nobu, Claire has discovered the armchair, and Nobu is on a blanket in the kitchen with me.

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