Friday, December 30, 2011

More Walkies

The dogs are getting a good amount of exercise: after a morning walk with me for an hour or so, toward lunch we went to Kuraki Park in the car: total 7674 steps, or two and a half hours outside, with the dogs cranking up more exercise than me as they wander about on the long lead. I took Nobu this time, and gave him his head, following him around since he's always so obediently following Claire. He made a beeline for some other dogs, a brown kaiken who wasn't really interested, and then stood there sniffing the air while I called Tosh to find out just where he and Claire had disappeared off to. They were down by the lake, so me and Nobu took a shortcut, coming round from the other side of the lake and heading them off. If we get too close the leads get all tangled up and it can get dangerous for the dogs, so we keep our distance, and Nobu made his first sniff foray into woody leaves and bamboo underbrush quite off the beaten path...normally he's quite careful to stay on the path. After circling round through the rushes, we were back with Claire, snapped these pictures and headed home for lunch. It gets cool again after about two, so these are the best times for fun walks and happy smiles.

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