Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hand-me down Raincoat

Claire put a foot through her other raincoat and the fabric ripped, so I got out the second hand-me down from  black labrador Leo, who passed away last autumn. The legs are a little long, so I sewed (and pinned) them up, and off we went for an evening walk in the rain. In spite of having a cold, I managed to get out for two walks morning and lunchtime, knowing it would be a short walk in the evening, but Claire is a little off colour too, and had the runs on the way home...a great pile of gloop, a first for her since she's been here, but I had water, a rag to wipe up, toilet paper, and petsheets to soak it up and wash it all up, so we left no traces behind...possibly if things don't get better we'll go to the vet on Thursday. Anyway here we are getting ready to go out for our walk:

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